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Cedar Shake and Shingles - Roof Tech in Omaha

If you want your roof to stand out, choose wood shake roofing in Omaha, NE. Wood shakes from Roof-Tech give your home a nostalgic, finished look that will set your home apart.

Benefits of Wood Shakes

Cedar shakes and shingles are both durable and beautiful. When correctly installed and maintained, cedar shakes last for years. Some wood shakes can also withstand winds exceeding 120 mph.

When you choose wood shake roofing in Omaha, NE, you add value to your home. Furthermore, when you come to Roof-Tech for wood shakes, we’ll provide you with Cedar Bureau approved shakes and shingles. You won’t have to worry about their longevity or quality.

Cedar shakes and shingles have a natural golden brown color for the first 6 months to a year of use. After that, the color fades into a stunning gray that adds character to any home.

Cedar Shake & Shingles - Roof Tech

Isn’t Wood More Expensive?

Wood shingles and shakes can match some asphalt brands for affordable pricing. However, depending on the size, pitch (slope), and height of your roof, the pricing may vary.

Fortunately, you can determine the installation costs before our contractors ever step on a ladder. Simply fill out the form to the right to receive a free estimate. Additionally, we offer No Leak Guarantees.

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