The 4 Factors That Determine the Cost of a New Roof

roof tech - before and after omaha roofWhether it’s due to age, damage or a combination of both factors, if you’re in the market for a new roof, here are the four main factors that will determine its cost:

1. The Design of the Roof

How large is the roof? Is the roof a hip or gable? Is the roof 1 or 2 stories? Does the roof have a steep pitch? Are there valleys or dormers? Is there roof to wall transition? These are all questions that can significantly impact the cost of a new roof. For example, if you take 2 roofs of the same square footage but:

  • one is a gable, 1 story, low pitched, no valleys and no roof to wall transition roof
  • the other is a hip, 2 story, steep pitched, with valleys, dormers and roof to wall transition

then the second roof could be as much as 50% higher in cost.

2. Code Requirements

Depending on the code requirements you may need to install items on your roof that other roof may not require. Or the code requirement may require certain procedures to be followed or items to be installed that if were not used, would decrease the cost of a new roof. In Omaha roofing, all codes are ones that should be followed and are all good for the longevity of a roof.

3. Material Type

The type of material you want on your roof will alter the cost of the roof. In general, the more expensive a material is, the more durable it is. More expensive material also looks better because it’s thicker and projects off the roof more than thin shingles that are cheaper.

4. Company

Do you want a reputable roofing company that stands behind their work? Do you want the company your hire to make a profit so they stay in business? Do you want a company ran by smart, honest people? Do you want that company to hire professional, competent people? You should answer all those questions with a Yes.

There is no question that a “chuck in a truck” will be cheaper than an established company that has been in business for years, has great people and proven processes. You want a profitable company to put your roof on. If the company that puts your roof on doesn’t make any money, they won’t be around long, which means you won’t have anyone to turn to if you have a problem in the future.

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