Roof-Tech Takes the Stress Out of Residential Roof Replacement

Metal Roof in Omaha Roof - Roof TechWhether it’s the result of noticing visible damage, having a leak inside your Omaha home or another issue, realizing that there’s a problem with your roof is never a good feeling. When you find yourself in this type of situation, there may be a few things that go through your mind. One is wondering whether the problem should be dealt with through repair or replacement. Another is being able to find a roofing replacement contractor you can trust.

Although those types of initial reactions are completely normal and understandable, it doesn’t mean this is a process you have to dread. As long as you have the right roofing partner on your side, getting your roof taken care of will likely be much easier than you expect.

Why Roof-Tech is the Omaha Roof Company to Call

At Roof-Tech, we’ve always been driven by our founding principles of honesty and integrity. While the roofing industry is filled with plenty of questionable characters who are only interested in making a quick buck or lack the skills needed to complete roofing work in an optimal way, we’ve proven ourselves over the course of replacing more than a thousand roofs throughout Omaha.

Deciding Between Residential Roof Replacement and Repair

At Roof Tech, we are truly committed to taking care of every homeowner we work with and strive on helping people pick the roofing solution that’s best for their needs and budget. In general, roof repair makes the most sense when the extent of damage is limited in scope. For example, if a few shingles come off your roof, we can repair this problem for you and ensure your roof has the protective barrier it needs to prevent future damage.

But whenever the damage on an Omaha roof exceeds that type of very limited scope, it often makes the most financial sense to replace the roof. Even though the upfront cost of a residential roof replacement is going to be higher, the long-term value it provides when done correctly will offset the need for repair work to be done on an ongoing basis.

Call Us for Expert Help with Your Roof: (402) 896-5554

When you call Roof-Tech, we’ll schedule a free consultation at your home. During this consultation, a specialist from our team will do a visual inspection of all relevant areas of your home, along with collecting measurements. This information will allow us to give you a very accurate estimate for the cost of your residential roof replacement.

In addition to letting you know the cost of this work, the specialist will also cover important details like warranties and how long the replacement will take to complete. Throughout this process, you’ll have access to a secure online portal that will allow you to stay on top of all the project details.

If you have any other questions about residential roof replacement or want to schedule a free consultation, you can easily do so by calling us at (402) 896-5554.

BBB Notice

Roof-Tech has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2001 and currently has an A+ rating.
We specialize in residential asbestos roof removal and metal roofing.