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When looking to replace the roof on your home you have many different options. From the common, asphalt shingles to the unique, stone coated steel shingles. We have experience installing them all and you can count on Roof-Tech to get it done professionally with the best guarantees in the business.

We have identified the most popular types of roofing materials used here in Omaha, NE and will briefly discuss them now.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles by Roof Tech in Omaha80% of all roofs have asphalt shingles installed. It is also the largest category with the most manufacturers, styles and colors. Even though there is probably 100 different asphalt shingles, they can be grouped into 4 categories

  1. 3 Tab – the most economical choice. Here in Omaha, NE they are used mainly on rental properties.
  2. Laminated – The most common shingle installed in Omaha, NE. My guess would be that 75% of the roofs being installed are laminated asphalt shingles. You might be familiar with some of the names like Landmark, Heritage, Duration, and Timberline.
  3. Designer – These shingles are one step up in quality from the standard laminated shingles. They more often than not, look like the normal laminated shingles but are heavier and have more vibrant coloring. Most types of Impact Resistant asphalt shingles fall into this category.
  4. Luxury – If you want a unique look for your roof, the luxury type of shingles are for you. They are more expensive than the common laminated shingles but if you want something more upscale they are worth the extra cost. There are also a few Impact Resistant styles in this category. You might be familiar with the Presidential shingle. It is the most popular luxury type shingle installed here in Omaha, NE

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing by Roof Tech in OmahaI find this to be the most confusing type of roofing material for homeowners to choose from. Before you can choice the metal roof types that works for your project, you need to consider these 5 factors. These factors are used to distinguish between the different metal roofing types.

  1. Type of metal – steel or aluminum
  2. Metal gauge- 30,29,28, or 26
  3. Coating – painted or stone coated
  4. Panel Profile – vertical seam, wood shake, slate, Spanish tile, asphalt shingle
  5. Installation – direct to deck or with battens, nails or screws

In Omaha, NE the most popular metal roofing used for residential roof replacement is a 26 gauge stone coated steel shake on a board and batten system from Gerard.

Wood Shake or Shingle by Roof Tech in OmahaWood Shake or Shingle

In our area wood roofs have been given a bad name for a few reason that have nothing to do with the quality of a wood roof. Poor installation and material distribution shipping out below grade wood in the past has many wood roofs failing prematurely in our area.

However, the proper grade of wood, installed properly, wood roofs are extremely durable and long lasting. Just look to the Pacific Northwest where they are commonly installed every day.

Synthetic Composite Slate and Shake

Synthetic Composite Slate and Shake by Roof TechMade of different polymers, high quality plastics and vinyl’s to replicate wood shakes and shingles or slate tiles. There are only a few choice when it comes to the synthetic composite slate and shake and what separates them is how and with what they are made with. For instant are they Class A fire rated or not? Do they have an added UV protection? What is the exposure length? How thick was it made?

The brands you might be familiar with here in Omaha, NE are DaVinci Roofscape or Eco Star.

We provide more than just replacement services for residential roofing in Omaha, NE.

Our roofing services also include:

Attic Ventilation

Our specialists are also familiar with the building code in your area and understand the needs of proper ventilation and insulation.
Having work done on your roof can be stressful. We provide project management software so you can stay connected to our office 24/7.

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