Metal Roofing in Omaha, NE: Is It Worth It?

Metal-Shingles Roof by Roof Tech in OmahaYou’ve probably heard that metal roofing is the best material you can buy for your house. Here at Roof-Tech, it’s one of the highest quality products we provide. However, the cost can seem pretty steep. Metal shingles cost 25% to 100% more than basic asphalt shingles, depending on factors such as:

  1. Roof size
  2. Roof height from the ground
  3. Roof pitch

So what can metal roofing in Omaha, NE do for you that makes it worth the extra expense?


Metal roofing provides many benefits that can make it well worth the cost:


Metal roofs are low maintenance. They’ll last for decades without needing much care. They aren’t indestructible, but they also don’t wear down or break the same way asphalt shingles do.

Weather Resistance

Your metal roof will weather any storm like a champ. Metal roofing is wind resistant. This material also does better in natural disasters than other roofing options, and it’s fire resistant since the metal doesn’t burn.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest things a metal roof can do for you is lower your utility bills. Metal roofs reflect sunlight, which keeps your house cooler in the heat. They also insulate well, which means your house won’t lose as much heat during the winter.

Home Value

Because metal roofing is such a great material, it can add value to the overall price of your house. Metal roofs also have great curb appeal.

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Although metal roofs are initially more expensive, they pay for themselves over time. We offer lifetime warranties on all our metal roofing in Omaha, NE. Give us a call today to get your installation started with a free consultation.

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