What Makes Roof-Tech Such A Great Omaha Roofing Company?

When you need something done to your home in Omaha, you have different options available for who you want to hire. There are contractors who will offer to do any kind of work, companies that only focus on one area of service and then everything in between. At Roof-Tech, we’ve very consciously made the decision to only repair and replace roofs.

As a business, money is an important issue that plays a role in most decisions. However, just because an opportunity comes along that can generate additional revenue doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right choice for the business. Other issues like doing what’s best for customers need to be evaluated as well.

Because Roof-Tech provides such great service to customers, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to expand into other areas. But each time, we’ve always come to the same conclusion that expanding would take away from what we do best, which is repairing and replacing roofs.

4 Ways You’ll Benefit From Our Focus As a Roofing Company

While we’re discussing this topic, we thought it would be helpful to share the top ways you’ll benefit from our focus if you hire us to repair or replace your roof. The first benefit is transparency. When roofing companies get involved in too many different areas, they may start trying to sell their customers things that they don’t necessarily need but are good for the company’s bottom line. We avoid those types of upsells and are very upfront with our pricing.

In the event you do need work done on other aspects of your home’s exterior, we can refer you to other local Omaha providers of services like siding, gutters and windows that take a similar approach to business as us. The second benefit is expertise. By exclusively working on roofing projects, we’re in a position where we’ve seen it all. So regardless of what’s wrong with your residential or commercial roof, you can count on us to know the best way to deal with it.

The third benefit is our passion. We started in roofing and continue to choose this path because that’s what drives us. With over one thousand roof replacements under our belts and many times the number of repairs, we still look forward to working with every Omaha home and business owner who we’re able to help.

The other big benefit we bring to the table is efficiency. Replacing a roof is a major undertaking. But because we do it so often and aren’t distracted by other types of projects, we’re able to do an amazing job in a timely manner. This efficiency also means your replacement will get done when you expect it instead of dragging on for what seems like forever.

Call Roof-Tech for Expert Repair or Replacement: (402) 896-5554

If you want to work with an Omaha roofing company that’s transparent, has deep expertise, is passionate about this work and very efficient, we’re the company you want to call. Discuss your repair or replacement project with us by calling (402) 896-5554.

BBB Notice

Roof-Tech has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2001 and currently has an A+ rating.
We specialize in residential asbestos roof removal and metal roofing.