How to Spot a Storm Chasing Roofer

How-to-spot-a-strom-chasing-roofter---roof--tech-in-OmahaWe live in an area of the country that has to deal with strong storms that sometimes produce large hail. When the hail gets to a certain size, it will damage your roof and require you to have your roof replaced. To get your roof replaced, you will need to hire a roofing company. The process of hiring any contractor in Omaha to do work on your home can be extremely stressful. Adding to that stress is the storm chasing roofer factor that you have to deal with when hiring a roofing contractor after a hailstorm.

The Importance of Hiring a Local Roofing Company

It’s never a good idea to hire a roofing company that is not local to replace your roof. The chances of getting ripped off increase dramatically if you don’t use a local company. To protect yourself from storm-chasing roofing companies, you need to keep your guard up and do your research on any potential roofing companies you are about to hire. You aren’t going to see the company but you will see the sales rep that comes to your house. There are a few things I have noticed over the years in the roofing business that signal if a sales rep and the associated company are storm chasing roofers.

5 Tips to Avoid a Storm Chasing Roofer

1. Out of Town License Plates: This is a dead giveaway but easily overcome if they own their vehicle. It just takes a few hundred dollars and about an hour to get local a license plate.

2. Out of Area Phone Number: This is not an issue anymore because it takes under an hour to get a cell phone number changed to a local number.

3. Vehicle Size and Type: I actually see this indicator all the time. Large trucks with large wheels that are lifted to sit higher than normal trucks. The trucks look like mini monster trucks.

4. The Vehicle Signage: Every company wants their guys to have company signage on their vehicles. Storm chaser roofers in Omaha will either have no signage or a magnetic sign that fits on the front door. These guys switch company names so often that they can’t put any other signs on their vehicles but magnetic ones.

5. Canvassing: Also known as door-to-door sales, storm chasing companies don’t have any other avenue to gain customers at first. Once they pressure a few homeowners to be customers, they can then use those people as referrals and pose as a local company. Never use a company that was door knocking to sell you a roof unless you thoroughly check them out. Local companies don’t need to resort to this tactic because we have thousands of referrals from working here every day for over 20 years.

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