Hail Damage in Omaha, NE Severe Enough to Damage Your Roof?

Hail Damage Asphalt Shingles

Hail Damage to an Asphalt Shingle roof in Omaha, NE

Time Line

In the year 2003, I first started inspecting roofs in Omaha, NE.  At that time it was the industry standard that hail had to be at least 1.75″ in diameter (size of a golf ball), to do any major damage to a roof.   Also, that size hail had to fall with enough frequency to break through the roof at least 15 times in a 10′ x 10′ area, also called a square.  Fast forward 12 years, now when to consider a roof for full replacement after a hail storm has become very complex and a much debated topic in Omaha, NE. 


Hail Damage wood shake roof omaha ne

Hail Damage to a Wood Shake roof in Omaha, NE

It’s complex because not everyone agrees as to what “hail damage” to a roof is anymore, mostly because of the money on the line.  Hail damage to roofing is big business, $10’s of millions of dollars each year.  Most roofing companies in Omaha, NE have slowly fallen into a major dependency on insurance companies paying to replace roofs.  Most of the roofing companies in Omaha, NE fight harder to make a case for the roof to be replaced than in the past, and because of that, roofs deemed repairable in 2003 are now being considered for replacement in 2015.  Just because some roofing companies fight harder to get roofs paid for by insurance companies doesn’t mean insurance companies are considering them in need of replacement.

What shouldn’t you do?

You don’t want to file false hail damage claims.  Every claim counts, even if there is not a payout.  It is not a myth that you can have you policy canceled or your deductible raised if you have too many claims.  As you can imagine, it is much harder to get a new insurance company to cover you after being canceled by one.  When you do find a insurance company, the premiums and deductibles will be so high you will wish you didn’t call in that false roofing claim. 

What should you do?

What home or building owners should do before for they call in a claim after a hail storm, is to call a reputable Omaha roofing company. Call a local Omaha roofing contractor that does all types of roofs, and most importantly, make sure they will repair roofs.  Roof-Tech is one of those companies.  Call us today for your free hail damage inspection.    

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