Get the Scoop On Replacing Your Roof in 2017

Roof Tech Roofing Repairs and ReplacementIf you look at the different elements that make up the structure of an Omaha home, it’s easy to see why the roof is often regarded as the most important. Because it protects the rest of a home from rain, wind and snow, the condition of a roof is directly linked to a home’s overall value. When the time comes to strongly consider replacing your roof, it’s important to avoid procrastinating but also not rush any decisions about this process.

The problem with procrastinating is any issues with your roof can get worse and cause damage that could have been avoided with a more timely replacement. On the other hand, given that the cost of this project will fall in the five-figure range, you want to take enough time to make the right decisions about it.

Since all the decisions that go along with this process can start to feel overwhelming, we want to share some helpful advice to keep you on the right track:

Reputation is More Important Than Price

It’s always a good idea to do your research and get a few quotes for replacing your roof. Having information from multiple sources will help you ensure that you know the right range for this project. However, a common mistake homeowners make is exclusively using price as the basis for their decision. The reason that’s a problem is it overlooks all the other aspects of a replacement project.

There are roofing contractors and companies who try to take advantage of the fact that roof replacements are only done every few decades. Those companies do the bare minimum to complete a job and may do things that negatively affect the longevity of a roof. You can avoid that type of unpleasant surprise by expanding your research beyond price and also looking into the reputation of different companies.

Replacing Your Roof the Right Way

In addition to researching individual Omaha roofing companies, it’s also worth looking into the steps involved in a roof replacement. This will alert you to the importance of steps like having your existing roof fully stripped off so that an ice and water shield can be installed. Doing this type of research will also provide insight into the types of shingles and other products that will maximize the lifespan of your new roof.

A Positive Experience From Start to Finish

By being proactive about finding the right company to handle replacing your roof, you’ll be able to count on a great experience from beginning to end. That includes the cleanup phase, which is essential for ensuring your yard isn’t left with potentially dangerous debris like nails.

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