Choose Fluid Applied Membranes in Omaha, NE for Affordable Roof Replacement

fluid-applied-membrane-roof-tech-in-omahaWhen the roof at your office springs a leak or shows wear and tear before it should, it takes you by surprise. You probably haven’t saved enough money to pay for a brand new roof. You’ve had to allocate your financial resources to build your business and cover your month to month expenses.

But even if your budget is small, you can’t afford not to have a sturdy roof over your business. Lucky for you, you have an option other than total roof replacement. Call Roof-Tech’s roofing specialists to apply fluid-applied membranes to your Omaha, NE building.

Why Choose Fluid Applied Membranes?

Fluid membranes are an affordable but reliable roof replacement option. A fluid membrane installation typically costs half the price of a new modified bitumen or EPDM/TPO roof. Rather than removing your roof, we apply a protective layer to your existing roof to strengthen it and make it water-tight again.

Fluid Applied Roof MembraneTotal cost of a fluid applied membrane installation depends on several factors:

  • Type of existing roof material
  • Condition of existing roof material
  • Number of penetrations (objects that pass through the roof)

When you call Roof-Tech for a free consultation, our specialists will examine all these factors on your existing roof. Then we’ll quote you the cost and offer a timeline for the project. We can even discuss our financing options if you’d like to know more about them.

We only use trusted brands when we install fluid-applied membranes in Omaha, NE. In our 18+ years of roofing experience.

When your commercial building experiences a sudden need for roof replacement, call Roof-Tech and ask about fluid-applied membranes. Call today to learn how much you can save. You can also fill out the estimate request form on the right.

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