Commercial Roof Repair in Omaha – What to Look for and Expect

Roof Tech - Omaha Roof Repair and ReplacementChoosing a contractor for commercial roof repair in Omaha is a big decision. You need to find a company you can count on to do the job properly and on time. Ensuring those conditions are met is why businesses of all sizes, including big box retailers, prefer to work with a local Omaha contractor. Thanks to our extensive track record, Roof-Tech is often that contractor.

How We Handle Commercial Roof Repair Projects

When a business contacts us about a roof repair, we begin our process by scheduling a visit with them. This visit is completely free and we’ll make sure it’s booked at a convenient time. When a specialist from the Roof-Tech team arrives for this visit, they will begin with a visual assessment.

The visual assessment we do at the beginning of our site visits includes the roof itself, along with all the surrounding structures. From there, we’re able to pinpoint the different areas of repair that are needed. Depending on the roof and the damage that’s present, we may take a sample to identify the roof’s substrate. This visit is also when we collect all relevant measurements about the roof.

By doing a thorough assessment and inspection, we’re able to get all the information that’s needed to put together an optimal repair strategy. We will discuss all this information with you, along with other relevant issues like potential energy savings, code requirements and our estimate to complete the repair work.

Roof-Tech Takes the Hassle Out of Commercial Roof Repairs

Discovering that there’s a problem with the roof of your building or office is never a good feeling. Not only do these types of problems tend to progressively get worse in a relatively short amount of time, but roof issues can create worries about everything from how much repairs will cost to being concerned about employees’ safety in this environment.

While it’s normal to feel like a damaged roof is all bad news, it doesn’t have to be that way. By calling Roof-Tech at the first sign of a problem, you’ll have an experienced team on your side that’s ready to get everything taken care of for you. Whether your commercial roof repair includes asphalt shingles, fluid-applied membranes, sheet metal panels or any other material, we will ensure all repair work is done the right way.

Call Us for a Free Site Visit and Estimate for Your Repair: (402) 896-5554

Taking care of a commercial roof repair project doesn’t have to be a long or stressful process. Instead, Roof-Tech can take care of everything for you from beginning to end. We have the experience and resources needed to handle all commercial roof repair needs, along with the commitment to taking care of every business we work with. So if you want to deal with this type of repair the right way, all you need to do is call our local Omaha office at (402) 896-5554.

BBB Notice

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