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The similarities:

Cedar Shakes & Shingles

  1. They are made out of Cedar, a type of wood, nothing else.  Every Omaha wood shake or shingle roof is some type of Cedar.
  2. They have different grades, as not all wood is the same quality. You want Premium Grade Number 1 Blue Label shakes or shingles on your roof.  Don’t use anything else.  Each bundle of cedar wood shakes or shingles will have a slip of paper with those marking on them.  It will look something like this:
  3. They both can have special treatments applied to them before installation, i.e. Fire Retardant or a Preservative treatment.
  4. They both can be ordered in different lengths, which gives you different exposure areas.
  5. They both come in random widths in each bundle. One shingles or shake could be 4” wide and the next could be 10” wide.
  6. Finally, the basics of the installation are similar, i.e. if being installed over solid roof sheeting they both need to be installed over plywood not OSB.