You remember how your parents looked for the monster under your bed or in your closet. You probably do the same for your own children. But as an adult, you don’t believe in things like monsters anymore, not the make believe kind, anyway.

Now that you’ve grown up, you worry about other “monsters” in your life. If you live in an older home, then the word “asbestos” probably worries you like the Boogeyman or La Llorna frighten your children.

However, you likely don’t know if your home contains asbestos or not. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about this building material and how you can check if your house contains it.

You pride yourself on your home’s design. You take care when you choose paint colors, pick out furniture, and arrange window treatments, but do you think about how your roof enhances the style of your home?

Many people don’t realize how much the roof of a home can affect its overall look and feel. Some homeowners fight against the natural architecture of their houses and install roofs with contrasting colors or materials. Instead, choose complementary materials in colors that suit your home.

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the most common roofing materials and the home architectures they go best with.

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of a sound roof. You know that your roof effects your home’s efficiency and protects your family and property from the sun and rain.

To ensure your roof stays in good condition, you trim your trees so branches don’t fall on your roof, clear the gutters to avoid water pooling, and you saved your contractor’s phone number should you ever need last minute repairs.

Recently your roof sprung a leak and you notice some sagging in the corner. If you’re not sure whether you should repair your roof or replace it entirely. Keep the following factors in mind:

Hail Damage Asphalt Shingles

Hail Damage to an Asphalt Shingle roof in Omaha, NE

Time Line

In the year 2003, I first started inspecting roofs in Omaha, NE.  At that time it was the industry standard that hail had to be at least 1.75″ in diameter (size of a golf ball), to do any major damage to a roof.   Also, that size hail had to fall with enough frequency to break through the roof at least 15 times in a 10′ x 10′ area, also called a square.  Fast forward 12 years, now when to consider a roof for full replacement after a hail storm has become very complex and a much debated topic in Omaha, NE. 

Don’t take a shingle warranty at face value. READ THE FINE PRINT! If you don’t, you will be very surprised in the event that something happens to your shingles. Don’t be fooled by a salesperson trying to sell you a roof. Most will tell you anything they think you want to hear. They will stretch the truth or leave out parts of the truth. They will tell you that their shingle is a has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. What they don’t say is: 

1. Only the shingles and the labor to install the shingles are covered. The removal of the old defective shingles is not covered, underlayment is not covered, flashings are not covered, and so on.