Hail Damage Asphalt Shingles

Hail Damage to an Asphalt Shingle roof in Omaha, NE

Time Line

In the year 2003, I first started inspecting roofs in Omaha, NE.  At that time it was the industry standard that hail had to be at least 1.75″ in diameter (size of a golf ball), to do any major damage to a roof.   Also, that size hail had to fall with enough frequency to break through the roof at least 15 times in a 10′ x 10′ area, also called a square.  Fast forward 12 years, now when to consider a roof for full replacement after a hail storm has become very complex and a much debated topic in Omaha, NE. 

“To be, or not to be?” that is the question. Everyone has heard that expression. In the roofing business it is “To last, or to not last?”. What I mean by that is do you want a roof that will last for many decades or one that starts to age the minute the roof is assembled.Metal Roofing Omaha If you don’t know already, metal roofing is more expensive than asphalt shingles! This might be shocking to some, but a product that last at least twice as long is going to be more expensive. The price difference can range from 25% to 150% more. Quality of the metal and the more natural looking metal roofing look is going to make it more expensive. For example, 29 gauge painted sheet metal with screws fastened through the metal is an inexpensive metal roofing option, compared to 26 gauge stone coated steel roofing shingles formed to look like wood shakes, or Spanish tile, or even asphalt shingles on the higher end. In my opinion the sheet metal is for rural applications and the stone coated steel roofing shingles are for urban applications. So, in Omaha, stone coated steel, and outside of Omaha, sheet metal will be okay. Now that we cleared the air about metal roofing being higher priced. Let’s talk about VALUE. Value and price, price and value.

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The similarities:

Cedar Shakes & Shingles

  1. They are made out of Cedar, a type of wood, nothing else.  Every Omaha wood shake or shingle roof is some type of Cedar.
  2. They have different grades, as not all wood is the same quality. You want Premium Grade Number 1 Blue Label shakes or shingles on your roof.  Don’t use anything else.  Each bundle of cedar wood shakes or shingles will have a slip of paper with those marking on them.  It will look something like this:
  3. They both can have special treatments applied to them before installation, i.e. Fire Retardant or a Preservative treatment.
  4. They both can be ordered in different lengths, which gives you different exposure areas.
  5. They both come in random widths in each bundle. One shingles or shake could be 4” wide and the next could be 10” wide.
  6. Finally, the basics of the installation are similar, i.e. if being installed over solid roof sheeting they both need to be installed over plywood not OSB.

Why Every Home Needs a Roof Inspection and What to Expect

Another shingle is on your patio, courtesy of the last windstorm. As you look up, you start to worry that this lone shingle represents a bigger problem: An aging or damaged roof.

But does this merit calling your roofer for an inspection?

If you previously thought that you only need a roof inspection before selling your house, think again. Homeowners throughout Nebraska know that even one storm can spell the difference between an airtight, solid roof and a compromised one.

If you want your roof to last, don’t take its structure for granted. It’s time to make an appointment for a professional roof inspection. Here are the things you can expect from your roofing company during the process:

If you don’t perform regular maintenance on your roof, you’re not alone. Up to 74% of homeowners fail to check and maintain their roofs. However, if you want a roof that lasts a long time, you must maintain and care for it. Trust Roof-Tech to help assist you in your roof maintenance. Our team has the experience and knowledge to make sure your roof will last for years to come.

Let’s first start with a couple of unbelievable stats about attic ventilation: 90% of current homes have the incorrect attic ventilation. Attics that are improperly vented can reach temperature exceeding 150 degrees and enough moisture can build up to cause large amounts of mold. WOW! In order to correct attic ventilation we need to know what it is. The definition of attic ventilation is: “The process of supplying continuous fresh air through the attic space”. In order to accomplish this, you need to bring fresh air into the attic (intake) and then move the hot moist air out (exhaust). 

Don’t take a shingle warranty at face value. READ THE FINE PRINT! If you don’t, you will be very surprised in the event that something happens to your shingles. Don’t be fooled by a salesperson trying to sell you a roof. Most will tell you anything they think you want to hear. They will stretch the truth or leave out parts of the truth. They will tell you that their shingle is a has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. What they don’t say is: 

1. Only the shingles and the labor to install the shingles are covered. The removal of the old defective shingles is not covered, underlayment is not covered, flashings are not covered, and so on.