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The most common concern we get from homeowners with an asbestos roof is that it is expensive to fix it.  Asbestos is dangerous and causes health hazards, that is why it isn’t used anymore.  That is also why it does cost more to repair or remove.  Now we find that the perception of what the cost will be is almost always much higher than what the cost actually ends up being.  So, don’t panic if you are having problems with your asbestos roof.  It will eventually need to be repaired or replaced, and you’ll need a professional to handle the task. You shouldn’t fix it yourself because damaged asbestos releases hazardous fibers into the air. Instead, turn to the roofing professionals at Roof-Tech for affordable asbestos roofing repair or removal in Omaha, NE.

Asbestos Roofing Repair

Asbestos roofs are very durable and even though it could be upwards of 80 years old, it is very possible that your asbestos roof doesn’t require complete replacement.  Common problems you have with asbestos roofs are cracked or missing tiles, and flashing defects.  Roof-Tech professionals evaluate your problem and give you an honest assessment if a repair will solve the problem or if a replacement is necessary.  If we find that the roof just needs repaired, then we can safely, and quickly complete the repairs.

Asbestos Repair - Roof TechAsbestos Roofing Removal

If your asbestos roof tiles have worn and are damaged beyond repair, Roof-Tech professionals can remove them safely. You should not attempt this dangerous job because removal techniques are required to ensure the safety of those working with asbestos roofing. Just as important as the removal techniques to keep the people working directly with the asbestos safe,  it is as important to keep people that could come in contact with the asbestos while it is makings its way off the roof and into the landfill safe.  Also, there are forms that need to be filed with the State of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services just to start an asbestos roof removal project.  If any or all of these procedures are not done correctly you can harm people and put yourself in a position to receive HEAVY FINES.

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Whether you need asbestos repair or roofing removal in Omaha, NE, turn to Roof-Tech. We will submit all the necessary forms and properly protect the workers and general public who come in contact with your asbestos roof removal project.  We guarantee your satisfaction, and we don’t expect you to pay until you’re completely satisfied. All our asbestos repairs and replacements come with a five-year NO LEAK guarantee.

We strive to give you the lowest prices as well. If we construct a new roof for you and you discover one that is comparable to yours at a lower price, we’ll match the price and give you $50 back.

Our family-owned business has replaced over 1,000 local roofs, so you can trust us to repair or replace yours.

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