Answers to Common Roofing Omaha Questions About Wood Shake


Being one of the top roofing Omaha companies means a lot of homeowners come to us with questions. Since we speak to all kinds of homeowners, the types of roofs they have can vary significantly. Wood shake is one of the roof types that comes up with many Omaha homeowners. And almost without fail, the questions related to this topic have to do with damage.

While we’ll be more than happy to speak with you about your roof in person, we thought it would be helpful to publish an overview that covers some of the most common topics related to wood shake. Specifically, we want to shed some light on wood shake damage and how it can create a problem with leaking for this type of roof.

The Most Common Causes of Wood Shake Roof Damage

As any resident of Omaha or the surrounding area knows, we get our fair share of both wind and hail throughout the year. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that this is a leading cause of damage to wood shake roofs. You can generally tell if a roof has wind damage by looking for missing shakes. For an evaluation of potential hail damage, your best bet is to enlist help from a roofing in Omaha professional.

The second type of problem we often see with wood shakes is mechanical damage. Not only can this form of damage result accidentally, but we’ve also seen cases where it was intentionally caused by a contractor! The other issue to be aware of with wood shakes is natural wear and tear from outdoor elements like the weather. Any roof of this kind that’s been in service for fifteen or more years is susceptible.

Roofing in Omaha Comparison – Shake vs. Shingles

When we talk to homeowners about their roofs, it’s fairly common for the subject of shakes versus shingles to come up. Knowing the key differences between the two actually starts with understanding their similarities. With either type of roof, being located in Omaha means it’s going to be made from cedar. Another characteristic these two types of roofing Omaha share is being available in different grades.

Both shake and shingle roofs are installed in similar ways. The presence of random widths in bundles and coming in different lengths are two other similarities. Finally, fire retardant and other optional special treatments are available for both roofing types. With all those similarities, you may be wondering what makes the two types of roofing different. The answer lies in how shakes are made, along with them having different names and thicknesses. Other key differences are shingles overlapping more than shakes and shakes requiring longer nails or staples combined with interlayment.

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