ALERT******Asphalt Shingle Warranty Truth

Don’t take a shingle warranty at face value. READ THE FINE PRINT! If you don’t, you will be very surprised in the event that something happens to your shingles. Don’t be fooled by a salesperson trying to sell you a roof. Most will tell you anything they think you want to hear. They will stretch the truth or leave out parts of the truth. They will tell you that their shingle is a has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. What they don’t say is: 

1. Only the shingles and the labor to install the shingles are covered. The removal of the old defective shingles is not covered, underlayment is not covered, flashings are not covered, and so on.

2. You only get 100% coverage for 10 or 15 years (depending on the shingle company). After that, the coverage is prorated out to a lifetime. So, after the 10 years your warranty is not worth much.

3. If your attic ventilation is incorrect your warranty is void. 90% of the homes in the U.S. are not vented properly. Pretty good chance if you put a new roof on your home, that the warranty will be void the second the last nail is driven.

4. The warranty for shingles blowing off usually maxes at that 10 to 15 year mark (depending on shingle company), not the lifetime everyone claims.

Do yourself a favor, question any asphalt shingle warranty. Get a copy and read it. Know what is and is not covered, or find a company that will advise you on your next roof purchase, not just sell you your next roof.

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