Skylight Repair and Replacement – When Is It Necessary?

roof-tech-skylight-repair-and-replacement-when-is-it-necessaryWhen people are looking for a home in Omaha, they generally have two lists. The first list contains their must-haves. If a house doesn’t have one or more of those items, that person won’t even consider it. The other list home searchers generally have consists of things that would be nice to have in a house. These are things that people may be willing to pay a little extra for but will still seriously consider a house even if it doesn’t include them.

Commercial Roofing Replacement – How It Works

roof-tech-commercial-roofing-repairAs the owner of a commercial building in Omaha, you have a lot to protect. Not only do you want to protect employees and everything else that’s inside of your building, but you also want to protect the value of the building itself. When it comes to which elements of the building play the biggest role in protecting all of those different things, the roof is at the top of the list.