Selling Your Home in Omaha and Need a Roof Inspection?

Roof-Tech-Hail-Stone-in-OmahaBeware of who you choose to do a roof inspection in Omaha. There are roofing contractors out there that don’t actually want to fix a roof. While the exact reasons why they won’t fix a roof vary, what it almost always ultimately comes down to is they want to sell you a whole new roof. To compare, the average roof repair in Omaha is $800, and the average cost for complete roof replacement in Omaha is $10,000.

Why Ice and Water Shield is Important When Roofing Your Omaha Home

Ice-and-Shield-by-Roof-Tech-in-OmahaOther than attic ventilation, there is no more misunderstood component to your roof than the ice and water shield. Also known as “ice shield or weather guard”, you’ll see it as IWS when written on an estimate or proposal. Why is IWS so misunderstood? Because depending on the area of the country you live in and your climate zone, it is used differently.