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From repairs to replacements, our residential roofing services can improve the look and value of your home. We can install new residential roofs using a variety of different materials.

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Roof Service in Omaha, NE

Other roofing companies—most of them, in fact—will suggest replacing your roof at the first sign of any problem. At Roof-Tech, we disagree. We know that roofs can be repaired, and that a repair approach can save you money. Why waste all your hard-earned cash replacing something that can easily be fixed? Our Roof-Tech technicians don’t come to your home and do an estimate on what we think you should buy. We come to your home and consult with you to build the roof that best suits the needs of you and your home. With every consultation we perform, we also provide a roof inspection that includes an attic ventilation and insulation analysis. Once we have been to your home, you will have all the information you need to make the best buying decision.

After you’ve finalized your decision, eventually the day arrives for your old roof to come off and your new roof to go on. This is the most important day of the roof’s life. If it is not installed and vented properly, all material warranties are voided that day. Can you imagine? Day one and the warranties are gone! With Roof-Tech, you don’t have this kind of worry. We take extra care to train and supervise our crews daily. From how to arrive at the job to performing the final clean up, our crews know how to provide and ensure quality roofing services every time.

Once we complete your roof repairs or installation, we perform a thorough inspection. If the roof doesn’t meet our strict standards, we will make the necessary corrections until it does. Even more importantly, you don’t pay until your roof is finished and you are satisfied that we delivered on what we said we would do. Nothing is more powerful than the fact that you don’t pay until you are happy. This promise is a guideline that we adhere to on every job. If you are looking for a company that believes in doing the best for each customer from beginning to end, then call us today!